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The Event

The Biological Control Symposium (SICONBIOL) is the most important related to Biological Control in South America that brings together scientists, researchers, educators and students. This event ispromoted by the Society entomological of Brazil and in its 15th edition will be conducted by the Universidade Estadual Paulista (FCAV / UNESP) and the School Luiz de Queiroz (USP) on June 4th to 8th, 2017 in Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo.

About Seb

TheSociety entomological of Brazil (SEB) is a civil, non-profit organization that brings together individuals and companies of any nationality. SEB was founded on February 22nd 1972, at the Agricultural Entomology Meeting in Uruçuca, Bahia.

The founding group members consists in 43 entomologists, with the goal of creating an organization that would bring together teachers, researchers, technicians and people interested in the study of Entomology and its application for the benefit of the humanity.

In order to promote the exchange between professionals, stimulate research and the dissemination of Entomology knowledge, currently SEB promotes Brazilian Congress of Entomology and Biological Control Symposium; awards the entomologists who stands out and edits the SEB newsletter and magazines as Neotropical Entomology and BioAssay.



The 15 SICONBIOL is going to address the new challenges of biological control in a view of the gradual and constant increase of this field in the recently pest handling. For the biological control consolidation is necessary to develop strategies that will meet the agriculture needs. In addition of the efficiency studies, others ones as release/application ways, formulation, release/application technology, persistence and compatibility with conventional insecticides are important as well. The event consists in short symposia presentations, lectures and workshops that’s contribute to the biological control advance.

Subject: “The new challenges of the biological control”
Thematic Areas
Bacteria biological control
Viruses biological control
Predators biological control
Fungi biological control
Nematodes biological control
Parasitoids biological control